A busy morning at Shibdon Pond, Gateshead.

Home A busy morning at Shibdon Pond, Gateshead.

On Saturday 19th September 2015….

The hide at Shibdon was packed today with local birders, as was the reserve with over 100 Lapwing, with a couple of Black-tailed Godwits. It was nice to see up to half dozen Grey Heron, a species which has been absent at Shibdon during my last half dozen visits. No sign of any Greenshank. A highlight involved a Jay, which was only my second record for this site, the first being a similar time last year. We also spotted a fox, which looked like it had a broken leg or foot as it was limping really badly, but otherwise looked in good shape.
A short drive to nearby Thornley Woods did not reveal any Red Kite, however the bird feeders had plenty of seed and were busy with a Nuthatch, a Grey Squirrel and the local finches.