A cold wind blows in

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On the 16th February 2018…..

I had planned to choose another site to visit as my ‘local patch’ for 2018; however, I continue to be drawn to Druridge Pools again this year. I simply love the fresh coastal air, large selection of birds always on show and of course, there is the luxury of many other top class nature reserves, only within a very short drive.

I have decided, i’m am going to wander more during my visits and spend some time on the beach in the summer and walk up to East Chevington etc and stretch my legs a bit more.

I was very lucky this afternoon, as not only was a Water Pipit on show for nearly an hour, just in front of the ‘Budge Screen’ hide, but a Little Egret came up really close.

The Water Pipit seemed very healthy; rather plump and for the most part, seemed to to enjoy a relaxing nap.