A day out at Druridge Bay – 26th May 2015

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On the 26th May 2015….

After driving Adriana to work, I drove up to Druridge Bay for the day. First stop was Cresswell Pond. Before I had even managed to reach for my binoculars I heard another birder shout “Barn Owl“. Always a great bird to see and one of my all time favourites. After watching the Owl for about ten minutes, it caught a small mammal, then flew off.

On the pond this morning, a Spoonbill was asleep in the top left hand corner, whilst a Little Egret was feeding not far away. The weather was dull and a little fresh but dry. Whilst I was chatting with a local birder in the hide, about how ‘Spoonbills’ are often asleep when I see them’ the Spoonbill woke up and then spent half an hour constantly feeding and exploring the pond. Maybe it could hear our discussions.

The only waders present included 8 Oystercatchers, 1 Ringed Plover and several Lapwing. In the reed beds Sedge and Reed Warblers could be seen, often coming very close. They seemed very interested in the visitors in the bird hide who were focusing most of their efforts on the Spoonbill.

Next stop was Druridge Pools, which was very quiet today, with very little to see other than some Tufted Ducks and a family of Mute Swan. The weather improved however with temperatures passing 20c and bright sunshine.

At East Chevington, four Little Gulls, were relaxing on the island, together with Sandwich and Common Terns. During a short walk around the lake, I recorded three Whitethroat, eight Sedge Warbler and two Reed Warblers. On the pond there was also two Grey Herons and a couple of Great crested Grebes.

Sedge-Warbler-1-PB-05-15-East-Chevington Reed-Bunting-1-PB-05-15-East-Chevington