A Leisurely Walk Through the Parks at Wallsend

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On Saturday 30th January 2016….

This Saturday I felt lucky to enjoy excellent views of two Kingfishers, which were happily fishing between Richardson Dees Park and Wallsend Burn, North Tyneside. They caught lots of fish. The parks at Wallsend are much nicer since the 7 Million restoration, with even the local Mallards and Moorhens looking a lot smarter.

Kingfisher-1c-PB-01-16-Wallsend-RD-gallery-NTBCI also regularly record Grey Wagtail and Mistle Thrush at this site. Both were on show today.

Grey-Wagtail-3-PB-01-16-Wallsend-RD-gallery-NTBC Mistle-Thrush-1-PB-01-16-Wallsend-RD-gallery-NTBC

Nearby at Wallsend Green, six Redwing were feeding on the green fields with some Mistle Thrush. I love Redwing and the Wallsend-Walker wildlife corridor is popular every year with these handsome wintering thrushes.

Redwing-1-PB-01-16-Wallsend-Green-gallery-NTBC Redwing-3-01-16-Wallsend-Green-gallery-NTBC