Black Tern, Whittle Dene, Northumberland.

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On the 30th May 2015….

After the excitement of yesterdays Black-winged Pratincole at Bothal Pond, Northumberland;  which was amazing to see and the best addition to my lists this year, I was off out again today, as one of my top three favourite birds had been spotted at Whittle Dene. After a quick breakfast, I dropped Adriana off at work, then drove over. I was lucky, I found the bird straight away. I tried my best to photograph the Black Tern, however this was much faster in flight than the larger Common Tern, and even though it came close at times, I couldn’t work the camera fast enough. I did manage the photos below however. I will have to practice more with faster speeds. Shame Adriana was at work, she is really quick with camera.


It was also nice to see the Common Terns, and the weather was bright and sunny. A visit to Whittle Dene is always relaxing.

Common-Tern-2-PB-05-15-Whittle-Dene Common-Tern-1-PB-05-15-Whittle-Dene

They say things often come in threes, and two evenings in a row (Fri 29th May and Sat 30th May) there has been reports of a Gull-billed Tern at Bothal Pond. Wow, that would be great to see.