Glaucous Gull – North Shields Fish Quay

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On the 30th March 2019….

I finally caught up with the Glaucous Gull, which has been spending time at the North Shields Fish Quay the last few weeks.

As it flew past a red boat, it looked like a piece of art. Even for non-birders, this Gull has a compelling attractiveness and charm. A giant ‘white-winged’ Gull on spring break from the White Walkers in the cold north.

Cormorant 2.5 – Over a dozen Cormorants were feeding on tasty fish nearby. Amazing close views. For me Cormorants are a legendary River Tyne bird, that share our big river.

I felt really lucky today when I found three Sanderlings, feeding on the beach close to the car park. Great surprise as it was so busy, but they didn’t mind playfully, running, dancing, and paddling. Such Fun.

Usually, I see them running away as the waves rush in. But this littleIn, went for a paddle.