Humes Warbler and Waxwing – Brier Dene

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On Sunday 23rd November 2014….

This weekend, birdwatchers flocked to Brier Dene, North Tyneside to catch up with a visiting Hume’s Warbler. On Sunday afternoon, I drove up myself, and after only five minutes, was able to find the bird. The bird was very active, flying from branch to branch. There was parking available close to Brier Dene and the bird was only a short walk away. The bird was present again the next day.

Not far away, to the west of Brier Dene, close to the road and golf course, two Waxwings, were also present on the Sunday, which are always great to see and were a great addition to my year list. There are some bushes with berries to the right of the road, where apparently they have been seen over the past few days.

Finally up the road at St Mary’s, there has been reports of a Grey Phalarope close to the causeway, late afternoon/early evening on Monday 24th November.