I finally caught up with a Rose Coloured Starling

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On the 24th Jan 2015….

This morning I had only a few hours to go birding as I’d promised to take my wife to the cinema to watch the new film profiling the life of Stephen Hawking. I was eager to see the Rose Coloured Starling which had been present for a little while in Prodhoe, Northumberland. On arriving in Prodhoe, supported by my good friend Mr Sat Nav, I found myself on a steep bank, looking for Cheviot View. Ten minutes later, I was there and after a further ten minutes, I located the area, where the bird had been seen.

No other birders were present which was a bad sign, however, I was pretty certain I was in the right place. According to my twitter, it had been since only half an hour earlier in this location, assuming I was in the right place. My heart woke up however, when a couple more birders arrived and the search began in earnest.

“It can be very elusive” some said, “i’d been here all day yesterday but didn’t see it” another birder told me, my heart sank again.

I was pretty optimistic however, and I felt very confident it would put in an appearance. I was right, only quarter of an hour later and Rose Coloured Starling was a newbie on my British Life List.

A beautiful bird, rather shy compared to the other common British Starlings, but that added to the excitement. Well worth a visit. It was behind some houses, and we viewed from a grass field.