Killingworth Lake – Christmas Day 2020

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Killingworth Lake is filled with so many different species of bird. It has evolved far from a man-made lake into a fully fledged nature reserve. Below a Coot; a rail with lots of personality and great feet. Killingworth is one of my favourite places for fish and chips, as the local chippy, is canny. On Saturdays, they get the small model racing boats out, which can be entertaining to watch. A Jack Sparrow tall ship, would be my choice to sail.


A couple more from my Christmas Day walk; a Goldeneye and a Pochard. The Goldeneye’s do amazing dramatic displays with their heads to each other, whilst the Pochards’s keep disappearing under the water, diving to feed. I almost fell in the lake, trying to watch the visiting Goosanders lol, which were busy catching lots of tasty fish.

They used to call Killingworth a boating lake, when I was a kid. I wonder if it ever had paddle boats on it? The new islands looked great.

Mute Swan
Mute Swan