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On the 22nd January 2017….

This weekend dozens of birders gathered at the edge of Ladyburn Lake, to the east of the Druridge Bay Country Park.  They hoped to catch a glimpse of an expert fish-eater which breeds in Alaska, Northern Canada and Russia known as a Pacific Diver.

This rare vagrant to the UK, was in the past considered a sub species of Black-throated Diver of which it greatly resembles. They were split however into two species in 2007 by the British Ornithologists Union (BOU).. which maintains the British List. The two forms are known to coexist without hybridising in some areas.

Birders were rewarded with amazing views, as the bird proved very friendly and seemed to love the attention. It appeared curious and at times, seemed just as interested in its admirers.

The bird was originally spending time on East Chevington and is thought to be the same bird that was reported from Blyth earlier in the week.

In some trees nearby I noted a pair of Bullfinches and over a dozen Siskin. A Kingfisher also flew past, whilst I was busy watching the Diver.

On nearby East Chevington, at least four Scaup were present with over ten Goldeneye, Little Grebes and Mute Swans. No sign of any Whooper Swan however.

Down at Chevington Burn, seven Shore Larks were still present, and were joined by a flock of over 30 Twite.