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On the 4th February 2017….

I didn’t manage any birding today, as i’d promised Adriana, we would go for a relaxing cycle. A small group of birds came to me however, much to my surprise, as Four Ring-necked Parakeet’s flew past Welbeck Road Primary School, Walker this afternoon, flying towards Byker. They were all calling lots.

It is starting to feel like London nowadays with urban Parakeets passing by. This is the 4th site i’ve noted them in the past 12 months; the other three being West End in Fenham & Cowgate area, Richardson Dees Park, Wallsend, and Walker Park/Riverside Park Walker.

I’m noticing the numbers are increasing, with the West End flock numbering over 25 birds, the small Walker group numbering up to five birds, whilst the Richardson Dees sightings have been no more than a pair. Not heard anything from Monkseaton or group near Airport for a while.

Would be great to get a photo…. maybe next time