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On the 3rd January 2015….

I’ve always been fond of white-winged Gulls. I remember when I was a teenager; we used to scan flocks of Gulls at Holywell and Swallow in search of a white winged visitor. Sometimes we were lucky. Nowadays Meditterranean Gulls can be found relaxing on the beach at Newbiggin, whilst Little Gulls come to visit for a holiday at Cresswell.

The best location for Iceland and Glaucous still remains the Fish Quay at North Shields, North Tyneside. This January, both were present. For me the Iceland is the more attractive, but one particular Glaucous Gull caught my eye this year. A definite highlight for me for 2015.

Not sure about the invading Viking Gull, Ragnor…. however.