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The conservation of our natural world, has always been close to my heart and I have always been a great supporter of initiatives that help protect this.  

One such project is  ‘Kittiwakes upon the Tyne. With others I’m helping to safeguard the local breeding colonies of Kittiwakes that share our ‘big river’ during the spring/summer months.  A brand new website is now available ‘tynekittiwakes.org.uk‘ This will help raise awareness for what is ‘The Furthest Inland Colony of Kittiwakes in the World‘ and host a diary where we will share their journey and progress from Spring 2019.  

Please help show your support for the Tyne Kittiwakes by following @KittiwakesTyne  Any support would be greatly appreciated to help safeguard the breeding colonies of Kittiwakes along the River Tyne.  We are also encouraging other organisations/webs owners to share/swap links, which will further help raise awareness for our ‘Tyne Kittiwakes’.