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As a keen birdwatcher for over thirty-five years, I have a great love for our feathered friends, that share our daily lives. Here you can view a selection of my wildlife photography, together with some journal entries related to birds and other wildlife.  There are also some useful links to content I hope you will find of interest.  

I very much began my own birdwatching in ‘urban settings’ such as Leazes Park in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne and Walker Riverside Park along the River Tyne.  As my interest evolved my ‘birding days out’ took me to a wider variety of habitats, including scenic coastal shores,  vast forests and woodlands and an extensive portfolio of natures reserves.  

I recently wrote an interactive guide to Birdwatching Sites –  North of the Tyne and the Wall. This includes Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside and Northumberland.

Birdwatching Sites - Northumberland

I am currently developing more content for the areas south of the tyne, as far away as Teeside.  This new online resource hopefully will help share these wonderful habitats with other birdwatchers.